A&S Auto Locksmith - Locksmith Brooklyn NY

A&S Auto Locksmith - Locksmith Brooklyn NY

It doesn't matter if you need a commercial locksmith, residential locksmith services, or an automotive locksmith. What matters the most is the quality of each one of these locksmiths' services and if you can depend on them. We are the ones who you can always count on. Whatever lock-related challenge you have, we can easily take care of it. Whether it's locked keys in trunk, broken or outdated lock, jammed door, or compromised home security system - reach out to us, and we will solve it. Our affordable pricing, non-stop availability and, above all, great expertise are all you need!

About Us at Locksmith Brooklyn

Expertise in locksmith services is what we've been acquiring steadily over the years. We are always the ones to provide you with the best solutions, using the top-tier equipment and tools. It's easy to depend on true professionals. So, what are our traits that matter the most?

  • High expertise - Good locksmiths are those who are well trained. All our team members have undergone the proper training and education, whether it's for commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith, or a car locksmith. Each scope of services requires a professional background and, at Locksmith Brooklyn, we will guarantee just that.
  • License - Certification goes hand in hand with the proper training. Since any locksmith company should have the proper license for their job, we are the ones to guarantee professionalism all the way. All our technicians are fully insured, bonded, and have a license. We are always working in our clients' but also our employees' best interest.
  • Affordability in pricing - Paying a fortune for getting locked out of house has been a sad reality for many people. Many locksmiths tend to charge too much for their services. However, at A&S Auto Locksmith, you can expect fair pricing every time. No matter what service you need, we guarantee not to rip you off. Besides, you can check the pricing using the estimate option - it's free and convenient!
  • All-hours reachability - when you are in a lock or security-related trouble in the middle of the night, the first thing you think is "I need a locksmith close to me". The good thing is that we are always near you. Our team at Locksmith Brooklyn is always ready to help you out, regardless of the time of day or night. We are ready to restore your safety even on the holidays.
  • Fastest intervention - When you are on the go, and things like a broken lock or locked keys in trunk occur, you need a technician who is not only skilled but also quite fast in response. Right upon the receipt of your call we will assign one of our technicians to get to you in record time. The waiting time won't last any longer than about 20 minutes. We are the ones to get you back on track as fast as possible.
  • A long tradition of locksmith services - We've been doing this job for over a decade. Ever since we started, we've made sure to remain trustworthy and reputable for our loyal customers. It's easy to rely on the ones who always invest in the quality of their services!

If you need the best locksmith services in town, we are the ones for you. A&S Auto Locksmith are 24/7 available, cost-effective, insured, and licensed. Call now! 929-255-3433


What 24/7 Locksmiths Do

The main connection with the word "locksmith NYC" is an old, broken lock and key. Many people associate locksmiths only with that, but there is much more to locksmith services. So, whenever you have security issues, not only at home and with your lock but also with your security cameras, transponder key, etc. you will need a skilled locksmith to get the job done securing your property. At Locksmith Brooklyn NY, we are the ones to take care of all your needs. Our skilled technicians are dependable yet very affordable and friendly. There isn't anyone better than us in the Brooklyn area - see for yourselves and join the big group of our happy clients!

What We Offer - Locksmith Services

Whether you have security challenges at home, at the office, or in the vehicle, we are here to solve each issue. You can expect the following:

  • Emergency locksmith services 24/7 - all lockouts situations that you require when you search "locksmith near me Brooklyn".
  • Car locksmith - all auto locksmith related problems like locked keys in car or broken key in ignition, for example.
  • Lock repair/ change - Any lock can break at a certain point, whether it's a high-security lock or how to install a deadbolt - We can repair all types of locks, but also change them and provide you with brand new ones. At Locksmith Brooklyn, there is a lot you can choose from - mortise lock, cabinet locks, magnetic door lock, etc.
  • Lock install - Whether you need an automotive lock, front door lock at home, or a commercial lock for extra safety, you can contact us and be sure to get you the best one. Each place - your house, office, or vehicle - has different needs in terms of safety, and we know which types of locks are the best in each situation.
  • Rekeying - If you are a business owner with many offices in the facility, the need to rekey locks might be a common occurrence. On the other hand, you just want to change the keys to your new apartment without investing in a brand new lock. Either way, you won't find any better technicians to rekey locks for you. It's quite easy to do it and doesn't cost as much as a fresh lock installation.
  • Master key system - Especially for the ones who own a business (or a big facility), this type of access control would be a great, practical solution. Controlling access by sections in your facility might be exactly what you need.
  • Manufacturing keys - Lost keys are a major pain in the neck, but also an easily solvable situation when you contact us, at Brooklyn Locksmith. Whatever keys you might need, we perform a good-quality key cutting.
  • Security systems - Whether it's for your sweet home or the office, we can install, repair, or upgrade your security system. We offer best-quality CCTV and can update your existing ones and much more...

Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have. We are always at your service to help out in regaining your safety.